Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review, Basila's in Saint George, Utah

My son, still excited from yelling "oppa" when our cheese was lit on fire.
Recently my family and I transitioned away from the city to a small town near Saint George, Utah.  Unfortunately, we never really appreciated the variety and quality of restaurants the city has to offer until we left. Now, we yearn for the tasty ethnic food we used to so often enjoy.

Saint George isn't exactly known for fine dining.  When I ask people for advice on a good place to eat they usually give me a painful sigh, and say Applebee's.  We have sniffed around and tried a few places, much to our disappointment.  Everything here is just so... medium quality.

Then, we tried Basila's.  At first I was dismayed by the help wanted ad in the front door, and the restaurant was empty at noon.  But, after getting through the front door, we were pleasantly surprised at every turn.  This is a cosy place, tactfully decorated, with good service.  The waitress was was great with our kids.

We ordered the flaming cheese, a gyro, and mac and cheese for the kids.  The cheese was everything I expected: a fried block of cheese, doused in alcohol, and flambeed in front of us as we all yelled "Oppa!"  The taste rivaled my memory of flaming cheese from a fancy Greek restaurant we at at in Anne arbor.

It is hard to imagine improving on a dish as classic as the gyro, yet these people managed.  It has the classic meat, home-made cucumber sauce, and pita but was spiced up with feta and tomatoes.  Mediterranean potato salad was served on the side, as a welcome alternative to fries.

Was this the best Mediterranean food I have ever eaten?  No, there have been big city places with beef shawarma and fresh humus that rival this place.  Is this the best restaurant that we have eaten at in 100 mile radius? Absolutely!  Would I heartily recommend it?  You bet.  After eating, I had a nice chat with the owner, who seemed to be a genuinely great guy, friendly, and helpful giving me the inside scoop on all the eats in the area.

Check out their site:
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  1. I'll be waiting for a review of Pah-Tempe Hot Springs... That place looks sweet.. I hope your job and such is treating you well.. We miss having you close by.

  2. Maybe we hit the place on a bad night but the service was horrible. One lady Was doing it all while two other folks did who knows what. I had the ravioli with red sause which was watery and had little flavor.