Monday, October 14, 2013

Faith and the Life Altering Decision Paradox

Certain choices carry incredible weight: choice of career, who to marry, when to have kids, moving, divorcing, changing religious beliefs. As these choices are approached, I have noticed a beautiful paradox. With these types of choices I often feel conflicted; as the choice approaches and demands attention my anxiety rises to fever pitch. Why? Because there is the sensation that this could be the very best decision simultaneously with the feeling that it could destroy my life. It is truly a paradox, these choices do simultaneously carry the power to either make us or ruin us and somehow we don't know which it will be.

And, such things cannot remain undecided. The easiest thing would be to try and not make the decision at all. Yet somehow the sick feeling associated with indecision on something important is worse than the worse case scenario of both outcomes.

So in a world where nothing is really certain (you never really feel ready for any of these major things) you take a leap of faith and make a choice. In the end, whether we are happy with our decision down the road depends so much on our commitment and attitude. How hard am I willing to work to make a choice right? If that is what matters - commitment, attitude, and work - then actually the weight of the decision we face diminishes and other decisions emerge. Will I choose to stand by my choices? Will I choose to put in the work and suffering required? In a sense... will I have faith in myself? Maybe that is the most important decision we can make.


  1. To put it into less words- sounds like you have a decision to make.

    Faith is something to rely on at all times- small decisions, big decisions.
    But as long as you include your Heavenly Father in all decisions (and your wife) your decision will always be the right one- whether it hurts or not.

    Good luck!

  2. Interesting comment: first a paragraph on how to rely on heavenly father and then a final remark of: good *luck*? I would advice against relaying too much on luck when it comes to any life decision to make.
    good wisdom in your decisions :)

    1. Hello Anonymous poster! Honestly, I at first I could not tell if your message was spam. Then I thought probably not because there aren't too many people commenting from Germany who would use the term Heavenly Father. In any case, I think we misunderstood each other. When I said "leap of faith" I really meant this in the colloquial sense of "an act of attempting something with an outcome that cannot be proven." While I do place faith in and rely on God, that wasn't what I was referring to here. Secondly, I never mention luck in the post. What I do mention is good old fashioned commitment, hard work, and accountability... which is really the opposite of luck.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Hello scientist. I am indeed no span :) I appreciate your clarification. However, my comment was a response to Trisha's commen: first she suggests to relay on heavenly father in your decision making process and then she wishes you good luck. and luck is random.

  4. I feel ya dude, Turning away from a career in Fire and EMS for the better of my family is by far the toughest choice I've ever had to make to date and I still think about multiple times a day.. In the end I'm just going to push forward with a good attitude and a commitment to the future.. This is ultimately why I quit blogging entirely, Something I should get back into because its strangely therapeutic. We'll see what it holds...